Are you struggling with stubborn body fat? Do you want to treat that double chin? Well here at Indulgence Aesthetics we have the solution its our Body Contouring!

We offer  the most advanced and efficient treatments for body contouring and fat reduction with our top of the line technology that uses both heat/cold treatments.

We offer packages for our various kinds of treatments. Each treatment is about 30 minutes and comes with a massage for the treated area.

Below are some of the spring packages we offer and customize. For pricing and details please contact us. 

For Cavitation or Radio Frequency or Lipolaser

  1. Session
  2. 3 Session(s)
  3. 6 Session(s)
  4. 9 Session(s)

For Cryolipolisis also known as fat freezing, the packages we offer are below.

    1.  Session
    1. 3 Session(s)
    1. 6 Session(s)
  1.  9 Session(s)