IV treatments are delivery methods for various fluids and medications. We understand there is some stigma around getting an IV Treatment, but we can assure you this is not like your local hospital bedroom.

Our spa provides a comfortable and relaxed area to receive your IV Treatment, highly experience and qualified nurses that can deliver your treatment, and IV drip bags with only the highest quality sourced components safe for continued use. This technology works by delivering vitamins and nutrients directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive tract, so there is 100% absorption and 0% removal through digestive processes.

Take a look at the treatment options we have below and call us to book your appointment today!


IV treatments are known to deliver medicine and nutrients directly into the bloodstream faster than an individual's typical diet regimen. At Indulgence Aesthetics, our goal is to make all of our clients feel beautiful and healthy inside and out which is why we've selected IV treatments that exceed these expectations. Our treatments help with the following.

  • Promoting weight loss
  • Curing hangover symptoms
  • Treating certain nutrient deficiencies
  • Cleansing your body of toxins and free radicals
  • Increasing energy levels
  • Promoting cardiovascular health
  • Easing anxiety and promoting relaxation


No matter which IV treatment you select, the process is pretty uniform and straightforward. The nurse administering the therapy will talk you through the entire procedure. Generally, you will be seated in a comfortable chair for the entire duration of the therapy. Comfortable clothes and something to occupy yourself like a laptop, book, etc. are recommended to bring to your visit. Your nurse will disinfect the injection site and place a needle directly into your vein. The IV drip bag will take about 30-45 minutes to diffuse into your bloodstream, however, if you are in for our NAD Kit treatment, this will take about 3-4 hours.


The staff at Indulgence know how hard it can be sometimes to keep your energy levels up while looking and feeling your best. That's why we decided to offer only the most high quality IV treatments to help you out! We have a wide variety of vitamin mixes to choose from whether you are trying to get over a hangover, need a boost of energy, are deficient in a vitamin, or need a little extra glow! Our different treatments along with their main goals will be listed below...

  • The Executive - Promotes clarity and focus
  • Rise and Shine - Reduces headaches as well as fatigue/exhaustion from a hangover
  • Natural Defense - Builds your immune system/quick recovery time from airborne illnesses
  • Fountain of Youth - Leaves you with noticeably healthier hair, skin, and nails
  • Chelation Therapy - Helps detoxify the body
  • NAD Kit - Promotes cell regeneration for cognitive functions
  • Glutathione - Slows down aging and leaves your skin glowing
  • Vitamin C - Boosts immune system, keeps cells healthy, speeds up healing process
  • Skin-Lightening Glutathione Package - slows down aging, leaves skin glowing, and bring back evenness in skin tone


Great for clarity and focus, The Executive will help you stay on top of your game throughout the whole day, improving your overall mood and energy levels so you can work and think faster. Need the energy to exercise or pick up a new hobby? This treatment will do just that for you! With your energy going up, your stress levels will go down. Stress can lead to many unwanted emotions as well as physical appearances like acne and wrinkles. Fight these by taking our Executive blend! Your immune system will be helped as well as the nutrients and vitamins in this treatment will help build it, keeping it strong and healthy. Call us today to book your appointment! 


Woke up with a hangover? Our Rise and Shine treatment will get you going in no time! The vitamins and minerals in this mix are designed to reduce the symptoms of hangover like that pounding headache and fatigue/exhaustion. Powerful nutrients like Magnesium Chloride and Vitamin B6 will detoxify your cells while the IV treatment itself will keep you hydrated and let you get on with your day like nothing ever happened the night before. Call us today to book your appointments and we'll make sure that hangover goes away!


During times like these, protection from airborne illnesses like the flu, the common cold, or even COVID-19 are essential to the individual. Everyday, new ways are trying to be found to boost the immune system and keep it strong even if it's under attack. The Natural Defense IV treatment offered by our spa works wonders when it comes to this! By delivering powerful antioxidants through your bloodstream, this treatment not only keeps your immune system strong and healthy, it improves the  nervous system and cardiovascular function all while lowering your stress levels. If this is something you think your body needs, call us today to book your appointments and we can your immune system to where you want it to be!


If you are looking for a way to get your hair, skin and nails looking healthier and stronger, the Fountain of Youth IV treatment offered at our spa is the way to go. Rather than waiting for your daily biotin supplements to work, this treatment will infuse key nutrients into the bloodstream like Ascorbic Acid and Glutathione so you see results almost immediately. Following up with these treatments will ensure you look as good as you've always wanted while maintaining a more youthful appearance. If this is something that you're interested in, please call our office today and we can set up your appointments in no time!


Are you finding that the juice cleanses and dieting isn't detoxifying your body enough? No need to fear, the ultimate detox is here! At Indulgence Aesthetics, the Chelation Therapy IV treatment is the right choice for anyone that wants to feel cleansed from the inside out. This treatment uses an amino acid call EDTA which sticks onto foreign metal molecules in your body like lead, mercury, and excess iron and calcium deposits, flushing them out of your system. If this is the detoxification you are looking for, call us today and we will set up your appointments!


As we get older, cell regeneration and cognitive function begins to slow. You forget things much faster, wrinkles and fine lines begin to form - it's normal! However, we understand it can be a major concern for a lot of our clients, young and old, which is why our spa offers an IV treatment that can help fight signs of aging brought on by skin appearance and slowed cognitive function. The NAD Kit, short for beta-Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide, is designed to deliver the NAD coenzyme directly into your bloodstream. 100% of it is delivered and none of it is removed through digestion. This coenzyme has anti-aging properties, improves brain function, boosts energy and metabolism, and works with your body to produce and process several vitamins and minerals that are essential to its function. If you are interested in getting this treatment done, please call our office and we will be more than happy to book your appointments!

NOTE: This treatment takes about four hours to complete due to the slow delivery of the coenzyme to ensure 100% success. Please come with your phone, laptop, book, extra work, or anything else that will keep you occupied during this time! It is worth it! 


Aging is a normal part of life, but it does not have to happen so soon! If you're noticing increased signs of aging in your skin and a lack of glow that you once had, our Glutathione IV treatment will work wonders for you through the most direct delivery of antioxidants you can get! This complex of vitamins and nutrients will restore your appearance, making you look younger and more glowing. Your confidence will restore itself, which is what we want to see in all of our clients! Call us today to book your appointment and will will set up your appointments. 


Running low on Vitamin C? The professionals at Indulgence Aesthetics can help! Vitamin C is a very important part of our well-being as just the right amount of it will help build your immune system, giving you faster recovery time from illnesses. The Vitamin C IV treatment offered at our spa is designed to do just that! Call us to book your appointments today!


When coming up with a treatment plan, thinking about how often you should get your treatments done varies upon person. If you are someone getting an IV treatment done to aid with a vitamin deficiency or for a chronic health condition that effects your immune health, you may decide to maintain a schedule of weekly infusions. Most people, however, will benefit from treatments that are spaced out two weeks apart. This is because you should expect your nutrient levels to remain elevated for about two to three weeks after each treatment. Once again, all treatments are customized according to the individual. Our professionals will guide you on the right path to good health! Callus today with any questions or if you want to schedule your appointments for free consultations and/or services!