Laser skin resurfacing removes skin layer by layer with precision. the new skin cells that form during healing give skin a tighter, younger looking surface.

The procedure can be done alone or with other cosmetic modalities or procedures on the face.

We use Erbium Laser Resurfacing to ensure overall, flawless skin complexion.


After receiving a laser skin resurfacing treatment you should expect to feel like the treated area has a mild sunburn.

Common side effects that are normal: 

  • Redness and bumps: It may be moderate to severe. This depends on your body's inflammatory response and can happen even with the lowest of settings. 
  • Pustules and Pimples: Some clients may develop pustules or pimples 24-72 hours after the treatment. Do not touch or pop them as that may cause infection and scarring. It's also common for a flare up of acne to occur 2-3 weeks post treatment. 
  • Change in Pigmentation: Your skin will go from pink to dark pink and potentially become dry with flaking. The pigment of pink depends on the level of setting from treatment. It is normal for your skin to have lighter and darker areas as it heals. The skin will likely heal unevenly, with the eyes, mouth, chest, neck and hand areas taking longer to heal.


  • Avoid tanning and heavy sun exposure prior to your appointment. 
  • Avoid any makeup/mascara, creams, lotions, or fragrances on or around the face. 
  • Avoid deep facial peel procedures, such as strong skin-related peels, for at least four weeks before your appointment. 
  • Stop all prescription or over the counter retinoids, retinols, or any anti-aging/bleaching creams at least 5 days before treatment. 
  • Do not wear contact lenses during your treatment, if your face is the intended area of treatment. 
  • Wear loose fitting clothing, if you have long hair tie it in a ponytail.


  • Swelling after your appointment is normal and sleeping on an extra pillow can reduce swelling
  • You may feel itching or stinging for 12 to 72 hours after the procedure. Five to seven days after laser resurfacing, your skin will become dry and peel
  • Depending on the problem that was treated, healing takes 10-21 days Once the skin heals, you can wear oil-free makeup to minimize redness, which usually fades in two to three months
  • Keep skin well-moisturized with Vaseline/Aquaphor. 
  • No direct sun exposure until all pinkness is gone  (at least four weeks after treatment). 
  • If you use products containing Retinol or glycolic acid, you should be able to start using them 6 weeks after your treatment or whenever your specialist advises you to do so.
  • No waxing or Laser Hair Removal on the treated area for at least 4 weeks after treatment. 
  • Do not rub, scratch, or pick at your skin, especially when it gets dry and flake. 
  • NO use of anti-aging products, acne products, retinoids, acids, exfoliation, microdermabrasions, chemical peels, micro-needling or any other exfoliative or anti-aging treatments for at least 4 weeks.