✦Acne Facial

The procedure and techniques used at our spa are guarenteed to rid you of any sort of acne whether it be black/white heads, papules, pustules, nodules, or cycts. Our acne facials consist of a signature cleanse, followed by extractions and the application of medical-grade products used to stop infection at the sight and prevent further spread of bacteria to create more blemishes. These facials are approximately 45 minutes long.

✦Customized Facial

When coming in for a customized facial, your esthetician will sit down and talk to you about what your future skin goals are. From there, they will use a variety of techniques and products that are tailored to your needs, providing you with long-lasting results that you can't find anywhere else! These facials are approximately 1 hour long.

✦European Facial

European facials provide a deep cleansing of the face and neck, leaving you with beautiful, exfoliated skin. Our estheticians start by cleansing the face and neck area removing any makeup and artifical impurities at the skin's surface. After the cleansing step, the estheticians begin the exfoliation process which includes a variety of techniques to extract and clean your pores. Paired with your desired skin goals, your esthetician will then disinfect your face/neck area and apply products that are tailored to your needs to ensure you leave with beautiful, fresh looking skin. Clients that recieve European facials are often looking to reduce the appearence of fine lines/wrinkles, age spots, clogged pores, blemishes, or dry and uneven skin tones.

✦Pregnancy Facial

The Pregnancy Facial at Indulgence uses only the highest quality, organic ingredients which will cause no harm to you or your baby. These facials can be done throughout the duration of your pregnancy and will leave you with an enhanced pregancy glow!

✦Lightening and

Brightening Facial

When coming in for a lightening and brightening facial, our medical 

estheticians will first discuss possible treatment plans with you. Our spa has a variety of techniques that can lighten and brighten your face including laser treatments and medical-grade chemical peels/products. These facials last about 1 hour and will require more attention to  aftercare procedure.

✦Vampire Facial (PRP)

PRP (platelet-rich plasma) treatments are the ultimate treatment when it comes to minimizing the appearence of age in your skin.

When coming in for a PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) treatment, our nurse will draw your blood through an IV tube and seperate your platelets from the rest of the blood cells in the sample. This golden fluid, which are your platelets, get re-injected into your skin stimulating the production of collagen.

This treatemnt reduced the appearence of fine lines, wrinkles, and will leave you with tighter, firmer skin!

Booking for a PRP treatment requires a consultation with our nurse who will let you know about pricing and time length. This is also a great treatment for hair growth!


A Hydrafacial is one of the most powerful, non-invasive skin resurfacing treatments available today. It combines cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration and antioxidant protection that removes dead skin cells and impurities, while simultaneously delivering moisturizing serums into the skin.

The Hydrafacial wand vacuums pores and then infuses the skin with moisturizing serums. This gentle approach is what makes Hydrafacials so soothing and refreshing.

The HydraFacial works to combat some of the most common complexion issues, like wrinkles, fine lines, hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, skin texture, acne scarring, clogged pores and dullness. 


Microdermabrasion facials are a bit more invasive than a classic facial. This service requires the use of a motorized wand with an applicator that touches your skin.

The applicator has an abrasive surface which works to sand away the rough top layer of your skin, revealing a fresh, new layer. Moisturizing creams/serums are then added on top of the new layer to make sure you leave feeling hydrated and beautiful!


Microneedling acts similar to our PRP treatment but on a smaller scale. Our medical estheticians will perform tiny pricks all over your skin using very small sterilized needles. These small pricks help stimulate the production of collagen in your skin and with multiple treatments you will see fascinating results.

Clients that come in for microneedling are usually looking to get rid of acne scars, hyperpigmentation, large pores, stretch marks, fine lines/wrinkles, hair loss, and more. Our microneedling treatments typically last about 1 hour.

✦Ultrasonic Facial

The scrubber uses ultrasonic sound waves which disperse vibration, shaking out impurities from your pores. This facial lasts about 1 hour.

✦Clinical Facial

Clinical facials are a great way to repair and reverse skin damage with little to no downtime. The specialists at Indulgence will analyze your skin and use a variety of treatments like chemical peels, microdermadrasion, lasers, medical-grade products, and more to make your skin look brighter, lighter, and younger!

These facials last about and hour and typically require more attention to your after-care.

Skin type indications: Advanced pigmentation, aging, dry/dehydrated, uneven skin tone, age spots, and redness-prone skin.

✦Pumpkin Facial

Pumpkins aren't just known for being the staple fall decoration anymore. At our spa they have a new purpose!

Their richness of phyto-nutrients, antioxidants, and enzymes makes pumpkins the perfect ingredient for increasing cell turnover and hydration. Our estheticians will use a variety of products infused with these enzymes and pair other products to enhance their results on your skin.

Clients that come in for these facials leave with increased collagen stimulation, lightend skin tone/appearence of dark spots, reduced acne breakouts, and so much more! This facial lasts about 1 hour.

✦Oxygen Facial

If you're looking for brighter and plumper looking skin, then the Oxygen Facial at our spa is the one for you!

Our estheticians infuse oxygen into your skin through a wand which delivers a high pressurized stream of oxygen to the surface in contact. Serums enriched with hyaluronic acid are also used in conjunction with this stream of oxygen.

This treatment reduces the appearence of fine lines and wrinkles, improves blood circulation, and promotes collagen for healthy, younger looking skin. Our Oxygen Facials last about 1 hour.

✦Aromatherapy Facial

If you're looking for a relaxing facial to calm down your stress then our Aromatherapy Facial is the way to go! Your esthetician will create a blend of oils to soothe and comfort you all while performing typical facial routines ensuring your relaxation and glowing skin!


At Indulgence Aesthetics, our Anti-Aging Facial will prevent and reduce the appearence of fine lines and wrinkles! Our estheticians use a variety of medical grade products which will reduce the appearence of aging and make you look young again.

This treatment lasts about 1 hour.you leave with beautiful, glowing skin. This treatment lasts about 1 hour.

✦Collagen Facial

Our collagen facials help stimulate and infuse collagen into your skin, through a variety of different ways, reversing the signs of aging and giving your skin more elasticity than ever! This treatments lasts about 1 hour.

✦Gentlemens Facial

Skin care is not just for women! In an effort to remove the stigma that comes with caring for your skin, the specialists at our spa strive to make both men and women feel beautiful and refreshed. Our gentlman's facial caters to the male facial structure and skin anatomy using products that fit any gentleman's needs! This facial lasts about 1 hour.

✦Vitamin C Facial

Vitamin C is naturally present in our skin but lessens as we age. At Indulgence Aesthetics, our specialists will infuse Vitamin C back into your skin and give it the brightness and elasticity it lacks by re-stimulating your body's natural production of collagen. This facial lasts about 1 hour.

✦Back Facial

Facials treatments do not have to just be done on the face! Our spa offers back facials which can diminish acne, exfoliate your back and leave the skin feeling smooth and hydrated. This treatment lasts about 1 hour and can even be paired with any Hydrojelly mask!

✦Butt Facial

Our butts need extra love and care too! Indulgence Aesthetics offers a signature butt facial which helps to get rid of any acne, redness, uneven skin tone, cellulite, bumpiness, and more! This exfoliating and hydrating treatment lasts about 1 hour and can even be paired with any Hydrojelly mask!


Our signature Vajacial has been in practice for a long time and is proven to help with ingrown hairs, uneven skin tone, acne, redness, bumpiness, and more down there. Typically paired with any of our Hydrojelly masks, this treatment lasts about 1 hour and will make you feel as refreshed as ever!

✦Rosacea Facial

Rosacea is a commonly misunderstood skin concern that a lot of people are unsure how to tackle. Luckily, the specialists at Indulgence Aesthetics are well trained with this condition and have the right products and methods to take care of it! The medical grade line serums and supplies at our spa has been proven to reduce the appearence of rosacea in our clients. This facial lasts about 1 hour.

✦American Facial

Indulgence Aesthetics is trained to give you the best American Facial you've ever had!

These facials include a thorough cleanse of the skin to remove any dirt, makeup, and impurities.

Following this cleanse, your esthetician will exfoliate your skin to get rid of any dead skin cells.

After the exfoliation process, steam will be used to open your pores and help your skin absorb the subsequent products your esthetician chooses to help meet your needs. This facial lasts about 1 hour.

✦Teen Facial

Our teen facials are known to help teenagers fight their acne. Let us help your son or daughter boost their confidence with our signature Teen Facial. This treatment lasts about 45 minutes and results are shown in the first appointment! We even offer facial bundles. Call us now to learn more!


Dermaplaning is an innovative approach to removing dead skin cells, allowing a jump start for skin renewal and infusion of nutrients. It is a simple and safe procedure for exfoliating the epidermis and ridding the skin of fine vellus hair (peach fuzz).

Dermaplaning is most often used on those with rough, dry skin, superficial hyperpigmentation, mild acne scarring, or fine lines and wrinkles. This treatment results in a more refined, smooth, "glowing" appearance.

Dermaplaning is only performed by licensed Estheticians that have been certified specifically on the treatment. Dermaplaning your skin enhances the results of the chemical peel, allowing the chemicals to penetrate deeper into the skin.

✦Deep Cleansing Facial

Our deep cleansing facial is great if you have clogged pores. Our estheticians will make sure to cleanse, steam, and extract your face removing any impurities, dirt, and makeup. This treatment takes about 1 hour and will leave your skin as clean as it will ever be!

✦IPl/Photo Facial

If you're looking to improve the color and texture of your skin without surgery, an IPL facial is the way to go. Our licensed medical estheticians will use only medical grade line products and official lasers to make sure you leave the spa with a lighter and brighter skin tone. This treatment lasts about 1 hour.

✦7-Layer Facial 

This facial lasts about 1 hour and is excellent for reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well alleviating any dryness you may have.

✦Glycolic Facial

Glycolic acid is one of the more well-known facial acids in the aesthetic industry. This acid works wonder for acne, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, product absorption, and giving you an overall youthful appearance.

When choosing this facial, your esthetician will follow a typical facial protocol but use products containing glycolic acid, infusing this wonderful AHA into your skin. This facial lasts about 1 hour.

✦Radio-Frequency Facial

If you're looking for a more direct way to stimulate the production of collagen in your skin, our spa's Radio-Frequency Facial will help. This treatment is a minimally invasive procedure that tightens and skin and improves its overall tone with little to no downtime.

It uses heat to trigger collagen and elastin production within the deeper layers of the skin. This treatment lasts about 1 hour and is further paired with our revitalizing products to ensure hydration and supplement the treatment to leave you with firmer, tighter skin. 

✦LED Facial

Our Celluma LED Light Therapy facials are designed to help our clients who struggle with acne or want to reverse the signs of aging. Depending on the wavelength of LED light your esthetician chooses for you, this treatment will accelerate the repair of compromised cell tissue, leaving you with better overall skin health each time it is used.

✦Half n' Half

Sometimes a facial isn't enough! You can pair any of our facials with any of our massages. See the options down below.

  • 1/2 Hour Massage and 1/2 Hour Facial

  • 1 Hour Massage and 1 Hour Facial

✦Full Body Facial

When coming in for a Full Body Facial, your esthetician will do a deep steaming of your body, followed by extractions if necessary. Various scrubs and products will be used along with hydrating masks and hot towels to soothe your skin and leave you feeling refreshed. This treatment lasts about 1 hour. 

✦HydroJelly Add-On

 Hydrojelly masks are an amazing way to replenish and hydrate your skin as well as reverse the signs of aging, diminish acne and hyperpigmentation, and so much more! Pick any of our facials and add on a Hydrojelly mask of your choice!

✦Beard Facial

Just like your face, your beard needs some extra love and care too! When choosing a beard facial, your esthetician will cleanse and rejuvenate both the hair and skin, get rid of any ingrown hairs and make sure your beard looks better than the rest!